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Your spinal cord does a lot of work in keeping the rest of your body upright. You don't want to have to deal with major back problems, so come to our office and remedy the pain.

Suffer no more pain

in your joints or back.


  • Address shoulder pain

  • Reduce pain throughout your back

  • Reduce neck pain and tension

  • Help your feet and legs

  • Get rid of plantar fasciitis

  • Get help for carpal tunnel syndrome

Keep your body healthy

Dr. Christopher T. Sherman and Dr. Mary B. Sherman are ready and able experts on back pain. We are practitioners of the Gonstead technique, which we use to zone in on your specific back problems. We'll locate your pain and fix it.

Meet our expert staff

Most have back pain, and many do nothing about it. This is a big part of why back problems are so common. Come in now and alleviate your back pain through our professional expertise.

Take heed to your discomforts

Prevent spinal problems

a woman being treated. a specialist explaning about human spine.