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As Gonstead practitioners, we can focus on your specific problems. Instead of being distracted by time spent looking at healthy joints and bones, we focus on only the bones and joints that you need help with.

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If you have nerve interference, such as tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness, then you can get a nervoscope. This will detect any inflammation. We can palpate for pain and swelling. We also perform motion palpation to detect loss of movement.

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The nervoscope is the tool of choice for the Gonstead technique as it allows us to detect exactly where your problem is. However, we also have x-ray to detect bone changes, and we use our expert visualization to notice problems through posture changes.

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While traditional methods put you through the extra stress of a full realignment of your entire spinal area, the Gonstead technique only affects the bones and joints you need realigned.

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